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TorCamp 2012

5 Oct 2019 - Unknown area in Washington State

I was going through an old USB drive today and found some old pictures from TorCamp 2012. Most of these are pretty bad quality but figured I’d post them anyways, especially since it can be hard to find pictures from this year on Google.


Just a huge laser.

There’s a couple really good pictures of this here as well

Blue 3D Printer


I distinctly remember this being a thing, but can’t remember why, how, or what it means.


An awesome hacked arcade machine, various actions in the game where hooked up to the lights and smoke machine. Can’t remember the name of the game but more or less about saving humanity from killer robots.

The smoke machine in action.

There was even a movie they made that went along with the plot of the game, played during games iirc.

Throwing star lan-tap

This kinda has a stupid story that goes with it. The first night I ended up “locking” myself out of my car and decided to go on a hunt for the person that run’s the lockpick village. Being really bad with faces and names I confused Scott Ossmann as the person I was looking for.. confusing conversation ensued but I did end up with this cool throwing star lan-tap/buisness card.

Anyways I eventually tracked down the person that had run the lock pick village earlier (wish I remembered his name) and they helpfully pointed out I had left my passanger window rolled down. So yeah that night was full of failure’s.