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24 Nov 2019 - Home

Recently I took a two week trip to Japan. I really needed to just go somewhere I didn’t belong, that wasn’t home and where I didn’t feel comfortable. I’m sure I could have found other places given those requirements, but I’ve also been wanting to visit Japan for a while. This was all kinda decided randomly one day and I purposefully avoided planning, which I feel tends to make trips too hectic and stressful in general. The lack of planning did make things a bit more expensive and probably didn’t get to see as many places as I could have, but I felt that was ok, at least this time.

I had a great time overall. Got the chance for plenty of thinking, drinking, and attempting speaking Japanese (ok the last one is there because it rhymes, but that means it’s at least somewhat true right?).

Steps off plane, has to deal with the TV crews, obviously

Of course this happens, cause who doesn’t want to know about why I’m here?

I actually didn’t end up watching Channel 7 that next monday. I’m guessing I subconsciously decided to forget because I knew I wouldn’t be able to deal with the embarrassment of knowing they actually decided to air it. I’d have to buy a ticket and go home because I couldn’t show my face in Japan anymore.

Anyways I’m guessing they didn’t, but who knows. Actually would be curious if anyone knows how to find this out after the fact.


So first few days I just stayed at a hotel close to the Airport I landed in. Figured I’d be worn out from the flight along with the time zone change, turned out it wasn’t as bad as I expected though. After some rest, the first day I just picked a random green spot I found in the Apple Map’s app which was about an hour’s walk away. Had some fun getting there as there where not any crosswalks most of the way, but was worth it, the place I picked turned out to be Narita-san. I didn’t do an offering/prayer at the temple because I was a little scared I’d do it wrong, but wish I had (Guess I also didn’t get a picture of the offering box. Might have not been allowed though, don’t remember).

Would have been awesome to get some shot’s of the temple’s with a drone. Had thought about bringing it, but you generally have to register all flights at least ten days before hand and they may not be allowed where you want to fly (think I remember them being banned at this shrine, although I believe some temples do allow them).

Believe these next few where taken walking back to my hotel, but not positive. They could have also been the next day when I was making my way to downtown Tokyo.


I stopped taking many pictures for the most part over the next few days. Tends to be a distraction and I mostly just wanted to wonder around without being too touristy. I don’t remember what part of Tokyo I stayed in at first, think it was near the main Tokyo transit station, just wondered around there visiting random shops and moved on the next day.

Did end up buying Persona 5 Royal here though, which isn’t getting released in the US for a bit. It’s all in Japanese but figured it would be a good game to learn on since I’ve already played through Persona 5 a few times and know what’s going on in any given scene pretty well.


Have to say this was my favorite place I visited on my trip. It’s basically (stealing some words from someone else here) geek heaven, every shop is pretty much either odd/old electronics or otaku stuff, anime, manga, games, and lots of collectables. Wish I had got more pictures of the actual market area though.

I thought this was pretty funny. If you are familiar with Monogatari it’s a bathroom scale, if your not it’s a reference to Hitagi’s weightless problem in Bakemonogatari, Hitagi Crab.

This was a chicken place near Akihabara station. It was the best drunk food I’ve ever had. Went back in the morning and it’s pretty good food for a hangover too.

Other Random Stuff

Apparently Japan never switched to three prong outlets, so you really need to use an adapter if you have any three prong power cords. For the record this wasn’t actually plugged in (on the other end), and I didn’t actually end up using it this way.

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