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Thoughts on Serverless

15 November 2020 - Somewhere

This is the area I’m most interested currently. I’m currently learning a lot about serverless still and this post will likely change over time.

Q: Why did the serverless movement die?
A: It didn’t, it just seems like it did. We still have a long ways to go to go in terms of UX and managing complexity.

Q: Are you sure about that?
A: Yes. Also worth considering that serverless is older then most people think. It’s just the name that’s new. Think bigger, on a much longer timeline.

Q: Serverless will never handle every use case though, right?
A: Probably, our thinking around how services are designed and used will need to shift. This is also part of the reason why it will take so long to fully realize the benefits of it.

Q: What are some good tools for working in this area?
A: SAM and CodeStar.

Q: Those suck, why those?
A: SAM because CloudFormation has an amazing history of staying backwards compatible. SAM is also nice because AWS has managed to keep it fairly simple while still being flexible enough. The documentation really does suck though and CloudFormation can be a real pain sometimes, better to not try and do too much with it. If your running into issues, you may want to rethink your approach or use something else. I guess staying on the well traveled path is key to not crying yourself to sleep at night. SAM can integrate with other tools like terraform fairly easily, I would move complexity there if you can’t get rid of it. I’ll have to write up a post on how you may want to go about doing that though.

CodeStar because you get’s you going in the right direction from the beginning and it’s simple enough to stop using it at any point.