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04 December 2020 - Somewhere

This is just a page to keep track of slides and notes and links for my talk at converge conference.

You can find the video of it here below, but fair warning, this was my first talk so some of it is a bit difficult to listen to. If you want to get the general idea of it I also have links to slides and related repos/posts.


Youtube link

HTML Slides

Post Talk Notes and Links

Hey all, here’s the PoC’s/posts for what I went over in the talk in case you want to dig into any of them a bit more.

Main topics

Talking points

I tried to document the PoC repos fairly well, but some info is spread across my blog posts as well. I put these PoC’s together kinda at the last second, so some may be more or less reliable than others. Let me know if you have questions about any of them or anything I went over in the talk.

I also have a config rule for detecting route changes. I haven’t had much time to test it thoroughly but seems to work in my testing so far.

The missing API calls graph slide you can find here:

Found that interesting because you can kinda see that it seems AWS making a slight shift to improving existing services.